Early Childhood Traveling Trunks

Butterflies Trunk

Butterflies Trunk

Force & Motion Trunk: Part 1

Force & Motion Trunk: Part 2

From Field to Table Trunk

It's Raining, It's Pouring Trunk

States of Matter Trunk

The Five Senses Trunk: Part 1

The Five Senses Trunk: Part 2

Water Works Trunk: Part 1

Water Works Trunk: Part 2

The Early Childhood Traveling Trunks are designed to be rented by parents and teachers of children ages    3 – 7. The trunks spark children’s interest to play, explore, and contemplate various science concepts.
Adults should be present to organize materials and ask questions that deepen a child’s understanding. Children will gain opportunities to observe, problem-solve, investigate, plan, predict, act, ask, report, and reflect on their developing knowledge. Many materials are provided in the trunks. However, it is expected that the renter also supplies some materials, though most are likely to be readily available in your home or school, such as paper, markers, measuring cups, etc.

Most trunks may be rented for 2 weeks. However, the Butterflies and From Field to Table trunks may be rented for 6 weeks because some activities in those trunks take a longer period of time to complete.

• The fee to rent any Early Childhood trunk is $10.
• A $10 refundable deposit check is required at the time of pick-up. This deposit will be returned after the contents of the trunk are satisfactorily checked and the renter’s evaluation has been received.

RESERVE A TRUNK:Trunk Rental Agreement must be signed by the renter and Gateway to Science. Payment must accompany this agreement in order to reserve dates.

To check for trunk and date availability,  please e-mail our Educational Outreach Coordinator, Courtney , or call 701.258.1975.

TRUNK DESCRIPTIONS: We have many science topics from which to choose! Read about the trunks in the EC Traveling Trunk Description.

FEEDBACK: Please fill out our Traveling Trunks Evaluation Form after you have used the trunk to provide us with some feedback.

For more information on the Early Childhood Traveling Trunks please e-mail our Educational Outreach Coordinator, Courtney , or call 701.258.1975.

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