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Board Member Self-Assessment

Board Member Self-Assessment 2024

1. I understand and support the mission of North Dakota's Gateway to Science and act as a goodwill ambassador whenever I have the opportunity.(Required)
2. Please check all that apply:
3. I am knowledgeable about NDGTS programs and services.(Required)
4. I understand and fulfill my roles and responsibilities on the board and assigned committee.(Required)
5. I am satisfied with my current committee assignment.(Required)
6. I find serving on the board to be a satisfying and rewarding experience.(Required)
7. I keep my NDGTS membership current.(Required)
8. I assist with fundraising and/or give a significant annual gift to NDGTS.(Required)
9. I prepare for Board and Committee meetings by reviewing information that is posted to SharePoint and/or sent via email.(Required)
10. Please share your intentions for board service in the coming year.(Required)

Please provide your name so the Executive Committee and/or Nominating Committee can follow up with you as needed.
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