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Groups and Field Trips

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Add-on workshops are NOT available until August 16th.  


North Dakota’s Gateway to Science welcomes the opportunity to host your group visit!

Groups and Field Trips

  • Groups of 10 or more MUST submit a completed request form (see below) at least 14 days in advance to qualify for the group rate. If we do not receive your completed request form 14 days in advance, regular admission rates will apply.
  • Gallery hours for field trips are Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday 10 am to 5 pm (CDT). Gateway to Science is closed on Tuesdays.
  • A gallery field trip or group visit is 2 hours in length.
  • The field trip admission rate is $7 per person.
  • Teacher and paraprofessional(s) for a school group are admitted free with current school/district ID or letter of intent to homeschool.
  • Memberships are applied to group visit rates. The following information must be listed in the form provided in our confirmation email: name of organization and date of visit, card holder’s first and last name, child/children name(s), and member number which is located under the QR code (ex. GTS-00000). Click here to get started on the form.
  • The membership information must be provided in the form included in your confirmation email, or linked above, and emailed to at least ONE week in advance.
  • Family Plus memberships DO NOT allow in 6 extra guests for field trips or group visits. Only the child or children of the parties named on the card.

When You Arrive

  • A group leader must come to the admissions desk to pay before the group is allowed into the gallery.
  • If your group requires an invoice for payment, please make sure to note that in your request so arrangements are made in advance.
  • Please collect money from all group members in advance and pay for the entire group in one lump sum so we do not have to slow down the line with individual transactions.
  • Acceptable forms of payment: cash, credit card, and checks for the exact amount onlyNo refunds are made for checks made out for more than the entry total.

Workshops with Group Visit

Add-on workshops are NOT available until August 16th.  
  • Hands-on STEM Workshop (30-45 minute activity, ages 5+, and 75-90 minutes in the hands-on gallery). Check out our workshop choices for more information.
    • +$5.00 per participant (member discounts are not applied to this price)
    • Subject to availability, a minimum of 10 participants
    • Workshops may be added to a group visit on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday only.

Add-on Lunch Space

  • Space for a group lunch is available for a $25 fee.

Adult/Child Ratios

  • One adult per four children in Grades preK-2 and one adult per six students in Grades 3-5, to ensure students get the best hands-on experience.

Things to Keep in Mind

  • Teachers and chaperones MUST stay with students at all times.
  • Please make sure all group members know when your group will depart or move into a workshop/lunch area. You may request that an announcement be made over our PA system if needed.
  • No food or drinks are allowed in the exhibit gallery spaces. This includes water bottles due to the many electronic exhibits on display.
  • Please treat our exhibits with respect. If something is not working as expected, please ask for assistance.
  • Please follow all guidelines for use of the outdoor spaces, including the deck.
  • Any behavior causing damage to exhibits or endangerment to other visitors is not tolerated and you will be asked to leave.

Changes to Reservations

  • If your group size changes (±5 people) after you make your reservation, please notify us by 3 pm the day before your visit with current numbers.
  • Any other changes or updates to your group visit reservation, please contact us before your visit. Please email or call 701-258-1975.


  • If a cancellation becomes necessary, please notify North Dakota’s Gateway to Science as soon as possible. We will work with you to reschedule the group visit.
  • There is a $25 charge for group visits canceled less than 24 hours in advance.


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