Open today: 1:00pm - 5:00pm

Science First

Science exploration for preschool-age children

Science First is an area designed especially for our youngest learners (ages 5 and under) and their parents and caregivers. Our goal is to give parents opportunities to explore WITH their preschoolers to ignite the excitement of STEM. The hands-on exhibits in Science First provide young children and adult caregivers opportunities to experience inquiry-based science in a welcoming and safe environment. A collection of connected activities encourages children’s natural curiosity and need for exploration. These activities exercise children’s observational, thinking, and problem-solving abilities, communication and language skills, social and emotional intelligences, motor skills, and self-awareness.

Construction Zone

Sponsored by Duemelands Commercial Real Estate

The design options are endless with multiple sets of blocks in various sizes and shapes, foam rods, and connectors. The side walls are composed of blocks that can be taken apart and reconfigured by our gallery guests. The back wall is stationary and features a foam hole and peg system to allow children to build up the wall.

Tiny Climber

Sponsored by Goebel Pediatric Dentistry

Designed to give our youngest guests a bit of a fun and physical challenge.

Scarf Shooter

Sponsored by Wade & Lynn Moser and Wyatt & Kate Black

Designed as a tree in the center of the Science First area, children place a scarf in one of the various accented color tubes then track it as it navigates through the path and is finally launched into the air, floating slowly back down for another round.

Pipe Resonator

Sponsored by Goebel Pediatric Dentistry

Using a paddle to slap the openings of a series of pipes causes the air inside the pipes to vibrate. This vibration produces different sounds or pitches based on the length of each pipe.

Bernoulli Experiments

Sponsored by Goebel Pediatric Dentistry

A ball floats in space over a stream of air. When the air flow is gently disturbed, the ball changes position but then returns to its original position. Children may change the direction of the air flow by moving the air nozzles.

Conveyor Belt

Sponsored by Gizmonics

A hand-operated vertical conveyer makes cleaning up and organizing as much fun as building.