Open today: 1:00pm - 5:00pm

Science First Expectations

Science First is an area designed especially for our youngest learners (ages 5 and under) and their parents and caregivers. Our goal is to give parents opportunities to explore WITH their preschoolers to ignite the excitement of STEM.




  • Only children ages 5 and under are allowed. Older siblings will also be permitted, if their behavior remains appropriate.
  • All children MUST be supervised by at least one parent or caregiver. This means parents within arm’s reach, in the space, not observing from the sidelines.
  • Parents are responsible for ensuring that their children follow the guidelines and refrain from inappropriate behaviors such as running, rough play, improper use of exhibits, or other behaviors deemed unsafe to themselves or others.
  • Gallery staff are monitoring the space and will ask anyone not complying with the guidelines to leave.

While we understand that older children may be interested in the experiences in this space, we hope that you will understand the need for small children to have a place of their own to explore.  We’ve heard the community’s requests to expand the construction zone to allow for older children, and we’re working on solutions for this.

Thank you.